Blue Palace, a Luxury Collection Resort and Spa, Crete

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Body Treatments by Anne Semonin

Blue Palace Sunrise – Pre-sun

Before discovering one of the most serene private beaches on the island of Crete or sail the coast of Elounda and Spinalonga island, our Spa recommends this pre-sun exposure treatment by Anne Semonin that will prepare your skin to achieve a safe tan and health glow. Your skin will be gently exfoliated to ensure even tanning and allow penetration of specific products with Beta Carotene, rich in Provitamin-A which will fight away the free radicals, boost the vitality of the cells and achieve tan quality. Intense nourishment will improve the skin texture and maximize the skin’s strength against the sun rays. Recommended upon arrival to Blue Palace.                                                  

Blue Palace Sunset – Post-sun 50min 

Time flies at Blue Palace….After many beautiful days under the sun of Elounda, it is time to prepare your skin to maximize the duration of your golden tan and prolong the relaxed feeling of your holiday as much as possible. This post-sun treatment by Anne Semonin will restore hydration, repair the skin from the sun exposure and enhance the tan. Macadamia oil will help against premature aging, White Kaolin Clay will cool and calm the skin and Vitamin E will re-energize it for that perfect, health glow that will be the best testament of an unforgettable holiday. Recommended for the last days of your holiday. 

Body Treatments by Valmont

Purity of Bisses - body exfoliation 
50 min

Indulge in a perfect body exfoliation ideal for mature and dry skins, based on rose oil full of fatty acids, for a maximum hydrating effect. Enjoy the delightful new perfume of the shower cream at the end of the session.

Peaks of Slimness 80min 

Full body sculpting sliming treatment, aimed at reducing cellulite signs, by employing a mix of gentle yet firm movements and the original palper-rouler motion. The perfect balance between slimming and relaxation, it includes application of “Fit & Tone” duo, the slimming serum D-Solution Booster and firming cream C-Curve Shaper.

Vitality of the body - revitalizing body massage 80min

Inspired by the best seller “Vitality of the Glaciers” by Valmont, this treatment offers an anti-aging, relaxing and revitalizing body massage, applying the renowned “Butterfly Movement” technique which reactivates skin micro circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage. Your skin is taken care of with the “Soft & Smooth” anti-age cream and body lotion.

Nature Intense Hydration Ritual (with back & legs massage) 100min

Holistic face & body treatment which starts with an original back & legs massage and continues with a super  hydrating- facial. Involving a new lymphatic face massage and a double hyaluronic acid vial called Moisturizing booster that reverses the signs of skin aging caused by sun exposure, this ritual is a summer time must.

Body Treatments by Cinq Mondes

Aromatic body Scrub with Spices

Originally from the Island of Java, a body scrub based on spices, sea salts and vanilla oil. It smoothens out the skin by eliminating dead cells, restores its glow while giving energy to the body and relieving muscle pains.                                        

Brazilian Ritual Slimming Treatment 80min

A slimming massage with the use of “Crème de Café®”, a product which contains 5% pure caffeine and acts as a fat releaser. A dynamic body massage technique smoothens out and firms the skin. A detoxifying and firming envelopment of clay and algae completes the treatment.

Foot Care and Massage “Light Feet” 80min

This treatment is based on Chinese traditions. It entails a relieving massage on the feet and legs for ultimate relaxation. It is combined with a beauty treatment of the feet (pedicure). The products are inspired from the Chinese Pharmacopeia and contain Aloe Vera, biological extract of Bamboo, Shea butter and Menthol.