Blue Palace, a Luxury Collection Resort and Spa, Crete

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Ultimate Massage Collection

Oriental Massage
50min / 80min

Relaxation massage with a variety of body mists of rose and orange blossom and the Huile Somptueuse® de l’Orient,a blend of Olive oil, Argan oil, “the liquid gold” and Sesame oil and essential oils of Eucalyptus, Cedar and Cinnamon. The massage is based on traditional movements from the culture of the Hammam in North Africa, giving you a fulfilling sense of well-being and an unforgettable sensorial experience in the heart of the Sacred East.

Ayurveda Massage 50min / 80min

Following a thousand-year-old Indian Ritual, this tonic and muscular massage is performed with hot special Ayurveda oil, a blend of Indian oils -Sesame oil, Boswelia oil and Neem oil. The sandalwood fragrance helps you reach an in-depth relaxation state while the specific gestures, alternating between quick and long strokes, restore energy and vitality to the body.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 25min

Having your back, neck and shoulders as a center the therapist will perform movements that will release any muscular pain and stress.

Scalp Massage 25min / 50min

A very relaxing massage using virgin Cretan olive oil, rich with vitamin E, that is performed on your scalp neck and face. It helps the oxygen circulation on the neck and head area and gives shine and strength to your hair.

Hot Stone Massage 50 min / 70 min

Transferring the earth’s natural energy held in the volcano stones, this unique technique incorporates a combination of  hot stone protocols with a full body massage. The therapist places the hot stones on key points of the body, providing a very healing and effective experience that relieves stress, increase s blood circulation and promotes deep relaxation.

Swedish Massage 50min / 80min

A combination of strong and slow movements that is performed all over your body providing you with full relaxation that releases you from pain. It energizes your lymphatic circulation that empowers your body.

Asiatic Massage 50min

A unique combination of Thai and Asian massage that gives your body full and deep muscle relaxation. The therapist stretches and uses pressure on specific parts of your body using their hands, elbows, knees and legs. This combination of massage is ideal for releasing tension in the joints and it is performed on the floor.

Legs Massage 25min / 50 min

Specially designed to release tension from legs and feet, this treatment relieves knotted muscles and sends more oxygen to them for healing. The therapist applies a combination of reflexology based pressures and massage techniques, to create a feeling of full relaxation to the legs.

Lymphodrainage Massage 50min

A unique technique with repeating movements which energize your lymphatic system and circulation. This massage is detoxing and empowers your body and blood circulation.

Medical Massage 50min / 80min

A collection of techniques designed primarily to relax muscles by applying pressure to them against deeper muscles and bones, increase circulation, remove metabolic waste products and help the recipient obtain a feeling of connectedness and better awareness of their body. A special-analgesic ointment is applied in the end of the massage.

Prenatal Massage 50min

Carefully designed for the future moms. Soft and gentle movements will release the pressure and stress from your hands, leg, back and neck. This massage is appropriate only after the third month of your pregnancy and is performed with virgin olive oil.

Couple’s Massage 50min / 80min

Enjoy the massage treatment of your choice with your partner in our special double suite. (Except Asiatic massage)  

Out-Door Massage 50min / 80min

All types of massages are able to be performed in the balcony of our spa. Please contact our spa reception for more information.

In Room Therapies 35% surcharge will apply to all prices

You can enjoy most of our therapies in the privacy and comfort of your own room. Please contact Spa Reception for bookings and any additional information you may require.  Therapies are available daily from 13:00 pm to 19:00 pm. Please inform Spa Reception at least four hours prior to the time you wish to book your treatment.