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Explore Ancient Cooking Practises & Tastes


Minoan Tastes

The majestic island of Crete, rich in history, culture and gastronomy, offers a myriad of experiences which await guests of Blue Palace, a Luxury Collection Resort and Spa to discover and immerse themselves into. 

This year we are introducing a brand new experience “Minoan Tastes”. Guests of Blue Palace Resort and Spa will explore ancient cooking practices and interpretations of the flavors of Minoan foods and observe cooking demonstrations in a unique set up prepared just for them.

A team consisting of scholars, chefs, ecologists and craftsmen have come together to prepare an outdoor cooking demonstration that replicates as closely as possible the way ancient Cretans prepared and enjoyed a feast gathering, allowing participants to engage all senses and savor the flavors of slow cooking dishes. Using a collection of clay replicas of ancient Minoan cook pots and utensils, the cooking takes place in an open fire in a stone built structure similar to Minoan hearths discovered in excavations across the island of Crete.

The ingredients used in the menu are based on data provided by archaeobotany and other environmental studies on Crete. The Minoan Tastes menu is designed based on archaeological evidence.

Sample Menu

Lentils with leeks, seasoned with coriander seeds and extra virgin olive oil

Octopus simmered in beer and sweetened with grape molasses (petimezi)

Swiss chard and baby spinach seasoned with olive oil and roasted sesame seeds

Cuttlefish simmered in white wine vinegar, white wine and sweetened with honey

Whole meal flour pie filled with local greens baked on stone

Slowly roasted spring lamb, underground in ceramic jar
when served it is drizzled with fresh sage and honey
(Minoan interpretation of Kleftiko)

Tuna grilled on Minoan style ceramic platform

Fresh summer fruits or fruit pie stone baked in oven


Saturday June 22, 2013 and  Thursday July 4, 2013
Available for private demonstrations upon request


75€ per person excl. beverages / 35€ per child (30 persons minimum)
(24 hours advance booking required / Cancellation up to 24 hours prior at no charge)

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