Meetings at Blue Palace, a Luxury Collection Resort and Spa, Crete

P.O. Box 38  •  72053 Elounda  •  GR  •  Phone: ‎(30)(2841) 065500
Contact: Meetings & Events Team,, Blue Palace Resort and Spa, ‎+30 28410 65500 / +30 28410 65602

Buffets are served at either at Olea Restaurant, Flame Grill or Isola Restaurant, depending the size of the group.



Salads - Appetizers

Tomato – Cucumber – Lettuce - Rocket salad

Seasonal greens

Greek Farmer's salad

Pasta salad, Eggplant salad, Tzatziki

Stuffed vine leaves with rice

Piaz beans salad, Chickpeas salad, Herring salad

Beet root salad, Octopus salad

Cretan rusk “dakos” with grated tomato and feta cheese, Fava salad



Variety of croutons, Cornichons

Caper, Fresh onion, Parmesan cheese, Hazelnuts,

Variety of marinated olives, Mustard vinaigrette,

Lemon and olive oil, Caesar's dressing, Cocktail sauce


Main Dishes - Greek Traditional Delights


the famous oven-baked recipe with layers of eggplant, minced meat filling and creamy béchamel sauce topping

Stuffed tomatoes

with rice and Cretan aromatic herbs

Greek beef burgers

Roasted lamb

Chicken and pork souvlaki

Sea bass with fresh tomato and olives

Baked potatoes sprinkled with oregano 

Selection of seasonal fruits

Variety of Greek cheeses

Gruyere, Kefalotiri, Feta, Manouri, Yoghurt



Selection of  traditional Greek delights

Baklava, Kataifi, Gianniotika

Saragli, Kalitsounia, Kserotigana

Apple pie, Loukoumades, Chocolate cake, Fruit tarts




Greek Farmer's salad, Salad with chicken and rice

Salad with rocket leaves and cherry tomatoes

Avocado and tomato drizzled with vinaigrette

Lettuce with shallots, Taramas, Tzitziki


Cold Dishes

Smoked mackerel

Green asparagus with cocktail sauce


Main Dishes

Pork fillet medallions in mustard sauce

Mini hamburgers

Turkey escallops with wild mushroom sauce

Gilthead fillets in cherry tomato sauce with white wine and thyme

Basmati rice

Oven baked potatoes with shallots and garlic

Sautéed carrots


Steamed fresh green beans

Penne all' Amatriciana



Selection of seasonal fruits

Greek cheese assortment

Chocolate cake

Yoghurt with honey

Strawberry mousse




Tomato with mozzarella, Variety of salads with parmesan leaves

Potato salad with cold cuts, Tortellini with dried tomato

Penne pasta with ham & peas, Greek farmer’s salad

Tzatziki, Eggplant salad, Tomato – Cucumber - Carrot salad

Selection of olives


Cold Dishes

Smoked turkey with asparagus

Smoked trout with wild radish sauce

Steamed shrimps with oil & lemon sauce


Main Dishes

Swordfish fillets on the grill, Mini-skewers with pork

Chicken fillet with curry sauce, Steamed rice

Parmentier potatoes, Broccoli with butter, Rigatoni, Carbonara

Spaghetti with fresh tomato and pesto sauce

Roasted lamp leg with rosemary sauce




Selection of seasonal fruits, Greek & international cheeses assortment

Chocolate mousse, Tiramisu cake

Cheese cake, Orange cake, Almond cake




Seafood salad with calamari, shrimps and mussels

Octopus salad

Rice salad with pepper, Tomato salad with avocado

Salmon with fresh onion, Artichokes and green pea salad

Variety of seasonal greens, Coleslaw salad, Bean salad with tuna


Cold Dishes

Marinated salmon with orange, raki spirit and dill

Salmon perfumed with fresh herbs and mango

Parma prosciutto with rusks

Beef Carpaccio with tuna sauce and caper

Steamed langoustines served with penne pasta and sun dried tomatoes


Main Dishes

Swordfish fillet on the grill with fresh spinach

Sole fillet with vegetables and Parma prosciutto sauce

Mini beef entrecote on the grill with whisky sauce

Lamb chops with pine seeds and red wine sauce

Tortellini with pesto sauce, Risotto with porcini mushrooms

Grilled vegetables, Grilled fish with olive oil and mint

Pork medallions with mustard seeds sauce, Chicken fillet with peppers


Meat Carving 

Rack of lamb with rosemary and mustard sauce



Selection of seasonal fruits, Chocolate cake, Caramel cake, Hazelnut mousse

Tiramisu, Greek pastries, Yoghurt with honey

Greek and international cheese assortment, Bread and rusks assortment


B.B.Q. Buffet

Cold Appetizers and Salads

Greek farmer’s salad, Avocado and tomato salad with pesto dressing

Potato salad with mayonnaise, Chicken salad with green apple

Tzatziki, Eggplant salad, Russian salad, Mushroom salad

Corn salad, Coleslaw salad, Fresh beans salad, Grilled red pepper salad

Tomato – Cucumber – Lettuce salad, White and red cabbage salad with carrots, Rocket salad


Cold Dishes

Roast beef with parmesan and rocket, Smoked pork leg

Saint Daniel prosciutto with seasonal fruits, Bresaola with pear

Smoked turkey fillet


Side dishes & Toppings

Selection of croutons, Cornichons, Caper, Fresh onion

Parmesan Cheese, Hazelnuts, Variety of marinated olives, Mustard sauce, Vinaigrette

Lemon and olive oil dressing, Caesar’s dressing, Cocktail sauce


From the Grill

Chicken fillets, Lamb chops, Rack of veal, Sausages from Rethymnon, Mini hamburgers

 Pork fillet “Souvlaki”

Medallions of Turkey breast, Beef fillets, Grilled vegetables, Grouper fillets


Pepper, Madeira, Chili, Satay, Ketchup, Mustard



Jacket potatoes, Broccoli flowers, Carrots with rosemary, Steamed rice



Variety of Greek pastries, Fruit tarts, Chocolate mousse, Crème caramel

Chocolate cake, Cheesecake with Kiwi, Tiramisu cake

Pana cotta, Orange cake, Selection of fruits

Variety of Greek and International cheeses served with crackers




Seafood salad, Lettuce and rocket with anchovy and slices of parmesan cheese

Shrimps with avocado, German potato salad, Spinach with avocado

Chicken salad, Lentils with smoked salmon, Herring with green apples, Marinated mushrooms

Penne with salmon, Green salad feast, Greek farmer's salad


Cold Dishes

Smoked salmon with three sauces, Steamed shrimps and langoustines, Smoked turkey fillet, Roast beef

Sauces & Garnishes

Olive oil, Vinegar dressing, Thousand Islands sauce

Croutons, Variety of green & black olives


Main Courses

Sautéed shrimps with vegetables, Oysters with aromatic herbs

Veal fillet with shrimp cream, Pork fillet with rose pepper

Turkey medallion with Roquefort and whisky

Lamb cutlets with rosemary juice

Penne pasta with prosciutto and chicken, leek and mozzarella 

Rice Basmati with saffron, Potatoes Chateaux, Grouper fillets on the grill


Meat Carving

Chateaubriand with Béarnaise sauce



Variety of Greek and International cheeses served with crackers and rusks



Variety of Greek pastries, Tiramisu, Black forest, Cheese Cake

Chocolate cake, Hazelnut mousse, Yoghurt with honey

Petites fours, Selection of fruits, Fruit salad with maraschino